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Welcome to Inspirational Creative Writings. My name is Estela and I really love writing poems, prayer, quotes, helpful tips and articles. It is my passion to share the wisdom God has been given me through my writings.

The main goal of Inspirational Creative Writings is to motivate everyone who hunger and thirsts for heartfelt and Godly thoughts.  I hope that my written accounts will lighten up your heart and enrich your soul.

I’m praying that Inspirational Creative Writings will serve as your guide for educational and spiritual nourishment. To God Be the Glory!


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. –Proverbs 1:7




Outstanding Characteristics of a Good Leader



Having a good leader is just like finding a precious gem in a topsy-turvy world of employment. He has the ability to manage the workers efficiently. A pleasant relationship between the boss and the employees is essential to augment career growth within the workplace. The following are the outstanding characteristics of a good leader:

Well-disciplined – a good leader must be dedicated and prompt especially during meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences. He must be able to discern personal from official matters when implementing rules and making decisions for the company.

Appreciative – a good boss must appreciate the commendable efforts done by the workers within the company. He must not discourage nor disappoint his employee to do better jobs for personal growth and for the company as a whole. It was William James who said, “The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”  Recognition of a worker’s achievement is essential to boost his morale as sunshine is to flowers.

Open-minded – a good leader must be open to suggestions and must encourage his employee to present their ideas and useful suggestions. Let them soar like eagles by giving them more opportunities for career growth and enhancement of their skills. Let us be reminded that the employees are not mere workers but they’re assets for the company if given a chance. They’re the people behind the success of every institution.

Truthful – a good superior must possess integrity and can’t be silenced by affluence, power and prestige. He is credible in judgement and remained morally upright in spite of the ambiguity and any political manuevering within the workplace.

A good follower – a good leader must also be a good follower of the rules and regulations imposed in the company. A good superior must be a positive role model to everyone within the workplace.

Peace Quotes


God is the only source of real peace in this world.

Peace is like a precious jewel that only few possess it.

Those who have no peace are most likely to get confused and anxious at times.

Clean conscience begets inner peace.

Cleanse your heart from any guilt of sin and purify your mind from any wicked thoughts and you’ll experience peace deep within.

Inner peace takes place if we have a forgiving heart and allow God to be the center of our lives behind the troubles in this life.

A humble and generous heart is always at peace with the world.

A grateful heart is definitely peaceful.

Break the worry habit in your life, and peace will surely set in.




Love Quotes




Love is the reason for our existence. God created us because He first loved us

God’s love is beyond description and without any condition.

Love knows no limit; it is beyond words and could be felt deep within us.

If we love someone it must be pure and without any blemish of pride and selfishness.

Love takes time to grow; when it develops it produces good fruits of patience, sacrifice, and commitment.

Loving someone whom you think unworthy is just like looking your face on still water.

If we love others it only means we are ready to sacrifice for them like what Jesus has done to humanity.

If you love someone, set him free and when he comes back, then God has meant him for you.




Advice Quotes




Live each day as if it would be your last, so that you’ll always think of eternity.

Don’t let anger govern you, or you might regret for doing bad things because of giving into your temper.

Lonesomeness is the key to temptation. Let God’s Holy Word be your guiding light in times of solitude.

Let us not choose between good and bad, but opt for what is better and best in this world.

Our words may defile and hurts our fellowmen. Let us strive to say words that bring healing and not those that will hurt one’s feelings.

Sow seeds of righteousness today, cultivate it with patience and sacrifice and you’ll harvest it in abundance someday.

Value the things God entrusted you today, so that when it would soon be over, there will be no regrets for not doing the best of it.

Life is a tough game wherein everybody losses. Let us anchor to our Game Master Jesus, life then becomes an endless gain.


HEALING GRACE: A Poetry Devotional



Writing a poem is my passion and my way of expressing the different emotions deep within. Life here on earth is challenging and mysterious that no one could fully grasp its meaning. We are not free from desperation because of some circumstances in life. I have been into a distressing situation lately. Then, I was able to find comfort from the wisdom that God has given me. Let us soar high in faith and remember His goodness during our troubles in life. I believe that God’s healing grace is flowing within me. I hope the couplet poem below will enrich your soul.

God’s Goodness


The goodness of God is beyond compare,

His loving hands that truly care!


He made everything possible,

Because His love for us is incredible


Someday, on His dwelling place;

Each one of us, He has prepared a space.


Rejoice! And be truly glad,

His promises we must look forward!


Nature is God’s wondrous gift to all of His creation. Let us discover its beauty that is beyond the worldly things could offer. And we need to discern the miracles happening around us. When I’m in deep trouble, my mind has wandered away from the nature’s real blessing!  I hope this quatrain poem below will enlighten your mind.





In every drop of rain,

It means a life to every grain

A seed sown in a good soil;

Bears much fruit due to incessant toil!


Darkness and emptiness haunt us every now and then, which may lead us to commit sin. Let us choose what is good that covers the enmity of sins.  Sometimes, I wanted to give up the light within me and trudge on the murky path of disobedience, but God has delivered me from the wiles of the devil. I hope that the acrostic poem below will lighten up your hearts.



Light is a symbol of righteousness

Invisible and visible to men

Governs with love and charity

Help us discern what is good

The light that outshines the darkness of sin


We have so many dreams and desires in life.  But failures will darken our journey towards success and lead us to hopelessness. Failure however, teaches us to be strong and to realize our dependence in God. I deeply believe in God’s divine will for each one of us. Let us just wait patiently for His perfect timing. I hope the haiku poem below will lift up your spirit towards the fulfillment of your greatest goal in life.



Shattered Dreams



situations shattered our dreams

God’s light shining in


 God has given us wisdom to ponder on, during the lowest moments of our life. Creativity comes out of our trials and pain. We can write down our feelings through a poem that each human heart cannot forget and share it to others freely.




Father God, Thank you for the gift of wisdom you have bestowed unto me. Help me to discern it whenever trials paved the way. Let your divine will shall prevail in my life. Help me, O, Lord, God to overcome the different wiles of the devil. Send your Holy Spirit to lighten my path towards righteousness. Teach me to be a good example to others by the things I do, say, and think. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!




Quatrain Poems






I may not be materially secured in this world,
But my asylum comes from the LORD
He made me according to His purpose,
Because my life is a gift so precious!

Divine Care

Teach me, to be patient O, LORD,
As I journey along the thorny road;
I offer my life to your divine care.
Because your love for me is beyond compare

Greatest Aim

Life here on earth may bring us much pain
Heaven must be our greatest aim
Despite of our troubles and suffering,
Hold on, Jesus is coming!

Right and Just

People might rebuke us,
For doing what is right and just.
But when the ends of time come,
We’ll surely glad for what we have done.