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Waiting for God’s perfect timing is adorable…

It pays to wait even when you’re burden with trials and pain.

It pays to wait even if you wanted to give up along the way.

It pays to wait for a dream despite of uncertainties in this life.

It pays to wait though mountains are unsurmountable towards your goals.

It pays to wait when life takes you to nowhere and shadows paved the way.

It pays to wait even it took so many years of toiling in attaining your grandest dream.

It pays to wait for God’s perfect timing. Remember, He never came too early nor too late. He is just on time. Keep the faith!

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Music – A couplet poem

The essence of music..
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Let us look around us and be grateful!

God’s goodness to us overflows. Try to acknowledge His blessings and avoid comparing yourselves with other people. This will lead you to desperation. Just count your blessings and you’ll surely glad for what God has done in your life. A Joyful heart is endeed grateful!

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A Smile…