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Good is Good!🙏

Good is truly good, He will lead us to our goals in life…

Along the thorny roads in this life,

God is my refuge and guide!

He strengthens me on my tiresome journey

And for me to reach my destination

Despite of the troubles along the way,

He spreads His carpet of goodness

Because His mercy overflows

Keep on honing your crafts my friend

Surely you will reach your dreams,

And someday, you’ll say, God is truly Good to me!

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Don’t Give up your Dreams!

Keep on dreaming and believing that your dreams will come true in God’s perfect time.

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Healing Words🤫🤭🥰

Let us strive to say kind words...
encouragement inspirational poetry

God’s Promise🌈

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MENTAL HEALTH- A Rhyming Acrostic

I hope this poem will be useful for each one of us, who are suffering from stress and depression. I was just inspired writing this poem when my niece asked me to write a poem on mental health. It is quite alarming that many of us suffers from this condition, as one of the effects of Pandemic that we are still fighting till this very moment.